Caitlyn Jenner Pondering The D

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jhanson - August 31, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner is unsure if she wants to be a woman who fucks guys or a guy who fucks women, which would kind of fly in the face of the theory that she isn't a dude in a dress. As proof that this is confusing, Jenner is super confused. It's possible the term gender fluid just arose to not get yelled at for using the wrong pronouns. It's unclear how people are even still fucking. What is that thing between your legs? It's called a micro aggression now let's mutually masturbate. Yeah I inflate it with a bike pump. What's weird about that? Answer the question. Sorry for yelling I understand you're an incest survivor:

"It would be very attractive to me to have a guy treat me like a woman. I've never been with a guy. I've always been married, raising kids."

Yes typically that is a hinderance to one's gay sex agenda. Do you want a guy to treat you like a woman, or are you a guy calling himself a woman and trying to have it both ways? For example, most women have vaginas. That's a huge part of the reason guys take them to dinner. What you're interested in seems like more of a role playing scenario. Thank god you have a shitty reality show in need of segments. Just the tip?

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