Bum-mer: Sexy Bikini Ladies are Actually Just Sand (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 29, 2013

Guys who live near beaches have all the luck. It's not just the waves or the sun and the sand and the warm ocean breeze. It's the babes and the booties that are hanging out in abundance, both figuratively and literally, all over the place. On towels or on the sand, deep in the water or sitting by the shore--beaches are babe havens.

Some creative dudes in Rio created a couple of ass-tastic sand sculptures in the form of the apple of every man's eye: bootylicious bikini ladies spread-eagled over mounds of sand.

Either they have an active imagination or they had some pretty fiiine models to base their works of art on.

Now that you've seen the's time for the real thing.

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