Bryce Harper Already Has Clout

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bill-swift - July 2, 2012

When the Washington Nationals took young Bryce Harper with the first pick of the 2010 MLB Draft, the team knew that it was getting a phenomenal baseball player, but little did they know that he was also a guy that already knew how to throw his weight around.

I don't mean the literal sense; as far as we know he is not a brawler. I'm talking about the metaphorical.

The 19-year old recently contacted the Denver Beer Company, a small brewery that has named a beer after Harper's reply (Clown question, bro) to a rather stupid question posed by a Canadian journalist a few weeks ago. Harper had heard about a policewoman, Celena Hollis, that had been killed in the line of duty. He suggested that the company use some of the proceeds from the sale of Clown Question Bro Lager to make a donation to a memorial fund set up to benefit Hollis's 12-year old daughter.

Co-owner of the brewery Charlie Berger was excited to take the call from Harper and more than happy to donate a chunk of the proceeds to the Celena Hollis Memorial Fund.

Most 19-year old kids would be too busy trying to figure out how to buy their next 12-pack to think of doing something like this. The fact that Harper was actually watching the news (be honest--when was the last time you did? SportsCenter doesn't count) says a lot about him.

Using his celebrity to make a difference at such an early stage of his career shows he's more mature than he appears to be when he puts on eye black.

(In case you are wondering what he means when he says "Clown question, bro," there is an explanation following the clip from the now infamous post-game interview.)

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