Bryana Holly Tight Dresses For Loose Imaginations

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bill-swift - April 26, 2017

At some point women need to wear clothing. I accept this sad fact of life. And if you're going out on a weekend to a corporate picnic or say I sneak you into a hockey game thanks to my usher buddy Alvin Snapperbank who owes me numerous favors, you're going to want something form fitting yet not illegal. That's where Bryana Holly and her stellar body of sextastic comes into play.

We're used to seeing Bryana in bikinis or jeans and no shirt, the standard dress up game for this slender ridiculously hot blonde. But today she's looking like your girlfriend ready to hit the day club and make your friends wonder just what you've got that they don't got. Hint, it's one wicked hot blonde fine female form. Oh, Bryana, I would allow you to get dressed on weekdays between 10am and 2pm, except holidays or days when I'm feeling particularly needy. Come shop with me. You'll want to bring your credit card to avoid that awkward check out moment when I try to use mine. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Emerald Sundae