Brittany Kerr Bikini Pictures Because Hot Bodies Make for Good Scandals

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bill-swift - October 6, 2012

Okay, so maybe you're not up on your American Idol gossip, you know, because you like girls and play sports and won't ever wear that pink Lacoste shirt your girlfriend bought you. But you should pay attention to Season 11 contestant and Charlotte Bobcat cheerleader Brittany Kerr, because she is rather ridiculously hot.

Brittany got into a bit of a sexually-awkward kerfuffle over the past weekend when she was caught in full makeout with married (not to Brittany) country singer Jason Aldean here in Los Angeles. Our friends at TMZ have the full scoop on the Brittany Kerr and Jason Aldean extra-marital moments and the sad-sack apologies on Facebook from Jason to his loved ones (who the fuck goes on Facebook and Twitter to apologize for cheating? Oh, hey Rupert Sanders, why is your hand raised?)

But more important to us here at Egotastic!, the chance to see Brittany Kerr in her bikini on the beach, to measure her true talents, and to look in the mirror and ask ourselves honestly, if this chick was lying nekkid in our bed and calling us 'daddy', would we be true to our wives? Please, keep your answers to yourselves. Enjoy.