Britney Spears in a Bra and Lip Syncing, Now That’s a Class Act

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bill-swift - May 21, 2007

So what does $500 get you these days? How about 15 minutes of Britney Spears dressed like a hooker, NOT singing her crappy new songs. Of course, she pretends to sing, but has probably never sang a whole song in her life. This weekend, though, Britney pulled an Ashlee Simpson, and was caught lip syncing on stage when her backing CD started skipping, reports MTV.

Britney Spears was booed on Saturday night after the CD she was miming to broke. Playing a supposedly live 15 minute set at the House Of Blues in Orlando the backing track skipped five times!

Britney performed under the name The M&Ms but hundreds of fans had bought tickets - paying up to £250 each.

Spears has been miming throughout the recent club shows, but then she has most of her career. Maybe this incident with a faulty CD could be the final straw for fans!

An audience member told The Sun:

Britney looked horrified when the CD started skipping and turned her back to the audience. She tried to carry on but some of the crowd started booing. Eventually the track became unstuck and Britney carried on like a pro.

"Pro" is another word for a prostitute, which is exactly what Britney Spears looks like. I don't know what kind of idiot pays $500 for that crap, but I get they get what they deserve. At least we all have one more reason to laugh at Britney.

Lots more pictures of Britney Spears slutting it up on stage after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash