Britney Spears Parties and Pukes

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bill-swift - December 28, 2006

Just when you thought Britney Spears couldn't get more disgusting, she goes and lowers the bar once again. According to Us Online, Britney spent the night partying last week, and when she wasn't pestering the DJ to play her crap songs, she was throwing up all over the bathroom.

On December 20, she tested her drinking limits (and the DJ's patience) at Hollywood lounge Les Deux. An inebriated Spears "kept requesting her own songs," a club source tells Us Weekly.

Resident DJ Stone Rokk finally played one, but followed it with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River." Soon the partying caught up with the 25-year-old pop princess.

"She went to the bathroom and threw up all over," an eyewitness tells Us. But, adds the source, "she didn't need to be carried out."

Good old Britney, at least she's predictable. But I think it's too easy a conclusion to jump to that it was the drinking that made her throw up. She probably just caught a glimpse of her pussy in those upskirt pictures.

More pictures of Britney showing off her bra after the jump.

Photo credit: Flynet