Brina Chantal Bikini Natural Wet Hotness for the Pimp Water

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bill-swift - November 15, 2014

Those folks at the creepy bottled water factory simply won't stop. It's almost some kind of addiction they have to taking pretty girls in bikinis or less along the Malibu shoreline and filming them hoisting their bottles of water. It can't possibly be merely a marketing ploy. Nobody needs that many promotional photos. It has to be a great way to meet ridiculously hot women and get them splashing into the water half-nekkid. I wish they'd just admit that. I'm pretty certain I'd respect them more.

Brina Chantalis an L.A model with brunette locks, a naturally lean fine female form for those of you clamoring for such nature made goodness, and a desire to get herself as moist as possible for her smiling pimping bikini shoots. Sounds like an A-grade to me. A-plus would require just a bit more of a show. Still, better than any score I ever received K-12. Good on you, Brina. Though you will still have to stay after class to discuss your future. Enjoy.