Brian Williams Breaks Silence On Analingus

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jhanson - January 15, 2015

The season premiere of Girls featured Allison Williams' character making some guy eat her ass out because it's HBO and you can do that, so why not. Williams explained how she applied some vanilla fragrance to her ass as across the ocean Dame Judy Dench cunt punched a statue of Sarah Bernhardt.

"It was my birthday... I grabbed the makeup girl and said 'I want to smell like a cake', so we put vanilla cream everywhere so everything smells good."

She seems like a considerate person. Everybody loves vanilla. There's a broad spectrum to sexual preferences and I bet half the people find this hot and half find it rather nasty. That's for everyone to decide for themselves after a bottle of Fireball. The question almost nobody wants answered is, what does her famous newscaster dad think of this? Luckily Brian Williams was on hand to broadcast in no uncertain terms the fact that he, and his immediately family, indeed watched their daughter get her ass eaten out:

"She's always been an actress. For us, watching her is the family occupation and everybody has to remember it's acting, no animals were harmed during the filming, and ideally nobody gets hurt."

That's fucking great. I had a hard time watching some of the racier Seinfelds with my parents. These people are firing up the popcorn maker for alternative sex acts. I'm about as open as they come but did Brian Williams need to make this perfectly clear? If anything it's something you witness then leaf through the old family photo albums and cry. Or you could always make yourself immediately available for interviews. Fuck it, let's go back to sexual oppression and discussing your biology assignment. This is too new for me. Where's Mel Gibson?

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