BREAKING: Ariel Winter Removed from Home Because Her Mom Is Beating on Her, You Know, Allegedly

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bill-swift - November 8, 2012

According to our friends at TMZ, Modern Family young thespianic Ariel Winter has just been removed from her home because her mom might just be emotionally and physically abusing her.

While many things are awesome about being a celebrity actress, especially a young one who gets to hang out on sets rather than sit in Algebra class in high school, one of the sucky things we talk rarely about is stage moms, or all moms and dads who suck I suppose, and how they often are the single most horrible people on the face of this planet, after Nazis and Craigslist hot escort chicks who you find out the hard way are actually dudes, natch.

We wish Ariel the best. She's growing up into a fine young woman, so everybody cruel and stupid, just leave her the eff alone.

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