Blind Item: Former A-List Actress Caught Smoking Rock Behind Grocery Store

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Sam Robeson - July 14, 2018


This Blind Item went from being potentially literally anybody in Hollywood to being almost literally anybody in Hollywood with the "high profile romances" caveat. The sad truth - and these pictures might help convince you - is that it could very well be Lara Flynn Boyle. Sorry to fuck over your Saturday by reminding you of what happens to someone after years of anorexia, botched plastic surgeries, and apparently back alley rock smoking sessions.



This former A list mostly movie actress from back in the day who had a series of high profile romances before dropping down the list like a rock was caught smoking a rock behind a grocery store in West Hollywood recently. She got a warning when the police officer recognized her which had to be a first in a long time.



I hate to see Boyle go, but I love to watch her walk away...

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Photo Credit: Backgrid

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