Bitch, It’s Bella Thorne’s Birthday—All Her Most Revealing Cleavage Pics For Her Big Day

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brian-mcgee - October 8, 2018

Bella Thorne is one of those omnipresent people where I couldn't name you a single movie or television show she's appeared on. I know she was a Disney kid or whatever, because you can always smell the desperation to shed that wholesome image, but she's turned it into an art form through her constant social media activity.

According to imdb, she was involved in fifteen different projects this year, which is really something considering that even the handful of those released theatrically were massive bombs. I'm not sure how she stays in the limelight, other than the fact that she's parlayed her work on social media into enough of a following that she doesn't have to actually act or perform in things that people will actually watch.

Bella turns 21 today and to celebrate her being officially old enough to drink—which I'm sure she hasn't done prior to today—we've assembled some of her sexiest moments for you. It's like a Bella Thorne smorgasbord for the biggest Bella Thorne fan in your life, should such a thing exist.

Enjoy some of Bella's music videos and her sexiest pics from her various social media posts in the gallery below!

Photo Credit: Instagram / YouTube