Birthday Girl: We’re Buying What Niomi Smart Is Selling

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earl-jonas - May 26, 2017

Niomi Smart is the YouTube and Instagram sensation that you didn't know you needed. Don't let her girl-next-door looks fool you, this sextastic blonde loves to get flirty for her pictures, and isn't afraid to show off her tight little bod in skimpy bikinis. Does she also like to wear tight yoga pants like so many of her fellow fine social media celebs? Why, of course.

The Brit babe turns twenty-five today, and what better time is there to get acquainted with her sexiest Instagram pictures to date? Smart's 1.8million followers are treated to countless product endorsements, but thankfully Smart sweetens the pot by showing off her God-given wares in the process. Happy birthday, Niomi. We're buying what you're selling.


Photo Credit: Instagram