Bioshock Infinite Shares the First Few Minutes of the Game (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - December 20, 2012

This may  not be the way you'll play Bioshock Infinite when it comes out, but really that's the whole point: you can't play it right now. It's up to the good folks at Irrational Games to show us what this next Bioshock installment is all about. If this is what the first few minutes of the game looks like, I've already seen cool side angles I'd want to explore. It's actually better this way to see the game maker's show us what's best and earliest in the game rather than showing somebody like me wandering around looking at the sky for minutes and minutes at a time.

The city in the sky, Columbia, seems ripe for a lot of non-gravity-defying hijinks and flying jokes, right.?Have a look at these first few minutes and new screenshots.