Bikini Bod Rena Riffel Makes E-Scooters Look A Lot Less Annoying

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aldo-vallon - September 21, 2018

I have never felt comfortable riding on anything when I have that much skin showing. I know the level of my coordination and reflexes and I know that combining them together only amounts to that have an oversized toddler. Riding one of those scooters on any unknown roads would be a good way to get the nickname Road Rash. I have been able to avoid that moniker this far into my life, and I hope that streak will continue.

Apparently Rena Riffel either was not cursed with my coordination, or she is overly confident in her abilities to ride a scooter. I could be blowing things out of proportion. Scooters are pretty stable when in motion and they are easy to bail from. They are not like those death traps known as hover boards.

The insurance companies must have held a party when trampolines fell out of favor with the public. So many payouts were made because kids did not have a firm understanding of fixes nor how to properly break their fall. Now the insurance companies must see hover boards as the equivalent to their second world war.


Photo Credit: MEGA