Bianca Gascoigne’s Sexy Island Holiday

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brian-mcgee - December 7, 2017

Looking at these pictures of the gorgeous Bianca Gascoigne's tropical vacay makes me think of that old Lina Wertmüller flick Swept Away. Guy Ritchie remade it with Madonna for some reason, but the original had the amazing Mariangelo Melato in it and that's who Bianca is emulating in that incredible piece of swimwear.

There's something of a classic beauty at work in Bianca. She has that timelessness that could work well in a period piece. In fact, they should do another remake, this time with Bianca and a director that's not banging her, and we set it in the 70s, just like the original. That should solve some of the societal issues involved with updating the story to modern day. 

Now, we're gonna want to get Bianca on tape doing some lines as well. Sure she's great to look at, but I can't move forward on another remake with a terrible actress in the lead role. Fingers crossed that Bianca is able to act as good as she looks, because that's gonna be one hell of a potent combination in this second remake of Swept Away. We're gonna make a fortune!

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA