Bet on Pacquiao? Here’s Your Money Back!

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bill-swift - June 13, 2012

Are you getting tired of hearing about the Manny Pacquiao/ Timothy Bradley fight yet?

The boxing world is still in shock over the news that came from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Saturday night. Even though it appeared as if the fighting Filipino, Manny Pacquiao, had defended his WBO welterweight belt rather well against young up-and-comer Timothy Bradley, the judges shocked the world by naming Bradley the winner by split decision.

It was pretty easy to gauge what the crowd thought by the cacophony of boos that filled the arena. Some of those were likely also cries of anguish coming from severely disappointed gamblers. After sitting through a 12-round fight and thinking that they had just made some easy money they were faced with the stark reality that a sure thing had been stolen from them.

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power appears to understand the pain that many of its users are feeling. In a moment of what is either idiocy or sympathy they have decided to do something most would never expect to hear from a bookmaker. They are giving people their money back.

They call it a Justice Payout. I can only assume that it is something that is extremely rare, and only done when the outcome is so ridiculous bad that the only logical answer for it is the judges were paid off, drunk, high, asleep, or senile. I'd say the Pacquiao/Bradley decision qualifies as that! if bookmakers do things like this maybe I can get away with saying I meant to bet on the wining team...

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