Bella Thorne Bare Midriff Curvy Coffee Grab

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bill-swift - April 20, 2017

Bella Thorne could use a couple sandwiches, which I duly intend to feed her on top of her coffees while we discuss her career and get as naked as humanly possible. The former Disney star turned PG movie actress in much demand is going through the typical growing pains of a former child star transitioning into adult goodness. While she goes, she's doing so generally braless and bare midriff, which works for our valiant cause.

Bella's on the go constantly about town working out or doing juice runs as is the want of most young celebrities. It's their daily routine when not on set. It's not a hard life, but when they are flaunting their fine female forms, it's a good life in terms of social utility. Bella, I will whisk you to the cabin I don't own and feed your elk until you are whole and healthy and too sluggish from red meat to forgo my advances. It's not a great plan, but it's a plan. We'll re-examine all your piercings. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: AKM/GSI Media