Bella Hadid Underboob Action Is To Die For

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brian-mcgee - September 21, 2018

It seems like just yesterday—spoiler alert, it was yesterday—that I was talking about Bella Hadid and her magical ability to turn any outfit sexy just by wearing it. Now Bella's at it again, showing off major league underboob in a white shirt that's been cut off just below her nipples.

I wonder if she purchased the shirt this way or just cut an old shirt up to allow the world a nice peek at her underboob. Either way, Bella Hadid knows how to get and keep our attention. She's a god damned professional at it by this point, and she continually surprises us with her outfit selection.

As for the jacket, she looks like she could be on an episode of The Rockford Files. I know that in the world of fashion, everything old is new again, but she looks like James Garner just shook her down for info on the whereabouts of a teenage runaway.

I can't believe I'm leaving work today and will go a whole two days without hearing about Bella Hadid. It's a tough row to hoe, but the promise of more Bella Hadid sexiness awaiting me when I return on Monday is all the motivation I need to get out there and have some fun this weekend.

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Photo Credit: Splash News