Bella Hadid Sports Bra Pimping in L.A.

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bill-swift - June 5, 2017

Now that Bella Hadid is the face and hot body of Nike, expect to see her nonstop in various shades of sports bras and workout gear about town. It's in her contract now to be gym revealing even when not at the gym. Consider this a win for Bella, and an even bigger win for us gentleman oglers.

Bella Hadid is the first woman to front the Nike line. It may have something to do with her immense popularity and her even more immensely alluring curves. It certainly doesn't have to do with her college sports accomplishments. Meh, sports are overrated. While Bella's hotness is underrated, especially as her sweet boobtastic sweats up a storm in her Spandex. I couldn't be happier with Nike's choice. Enough with NBA guys. Bring on the hotties! Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Blackgrid