Bella Hadid In A Skin Tight Bodysuit Shopping

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michael-garcia - August 1, 2016

Hottie Bella Hadid was spotted shopping at Pavillions in a super tight beige bodysuit. This thing hugged her body closer than an inappropriate uncle. You can clearly see the outline of those famous Hadid ta-tas. Between her and sister Gigi, I think Bella has the better jugs. They are large and very much in charge. We also got a nice view of her smoking hot bare mid-riff. Her stomach is firm and sleek. Her stomach is so flat you could use a level on it and the bead would hit dead center. Then there are all the wonders on the bottom half. Her booty was well accentuated by the body suit as was her front quadrant. There is just the just the hint of camel toe, but it's definitely there. There is no hiding from the bodysuit. 

I wonder what Bella bought at the store? What do models eat? Diet Coke and rice cakes? Perhaps a steak for an high protein diet? Whatever she's eating it's working. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet