Bella Hadid Hot Body Exhibition in Vogue

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bill-swift - August 30, 2017

Being the second daughter in your family into modeling, and the daughter of a long time professional model herself, Bella Hadid made a clear decision at barely legal age of entry that she needed to do it differently than Gigi had but a year or so earlier. Bella's plan was simple. We're all wicked sextastic genetically blessed offspring here. I'm going to be the one who shows the most skin. You can almost hear the trumpets of the angels in heaven blow. And that's not the only thing blowing.

Bella's decision has paid off in spades. For everybody involved. The tall and busty super duper hottie model has continuously provided the more exhibitionist side of the modeling industry via live appearances half naked and similar in photoshoots. That body on Bella deserves, nay, yearns to be free. It's like the clothes she wears feel a need to apologize to humanity. And they ought.

In this Vogue Australia shoot, Bella's once more impossibly hot and showing off her stellar boobtastic by the water. Oh, that hiking involved coming across nymph like sites of passion inducement like this. I might actually partake, versus lying on dating profiles about the hobby. Bella, you're the bomb. Interestingly, I feel like I'm the one about to explode. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Vogue Australia