Belen Rodriguez Bikini Pictures Say ‘Hola, World, I Am So Effin’ Hot’

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bill-swift - June 29, 2011

Falling, falling hard for Sudamericana transplant to Italy and all-around super hottie TV personality, Belen Rodriguez, just looking ridiculously hot in these bikini candids while on vacation with her photographer boyfriend and his son in Spain.

Might I say, if you glance through these pictures, the 9-year old kid gets quite a heaping of Belen-body in the water; quite a precocious little future Egotastic! fan he is. And, oh, by the way, the boy's mom is super hottie model Nina Moric. Just imagine the pubescent fantasies that kid is going to experience. I can imagine them, I'm having several myself at this very moment. Enjoy.