Baywatch Hottie Alicia Arden Plays Panty Pokemon

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michael-garcia - July 20, 2016

Original Baywatch series hottie Alicia Arden found a Pokemon in her panties. The whole world has gone Pokemon crazy like it was 1998 all over again, only this time they are spending their precious time hunting for the little monsters in the real world. Alicia seems to have found a Pikachu or whatever in her underwear. She gives us a peek inside and her hoo-ha appears to glow. To begin with, Alicia is wearing a crop top and what could only very loosely be called shorts. She wore more clothes when she used to run down the beach in a revealing swimsuit. For someone in her late forties, she is in ridiculously good shape. Those do not look like the abs of a 47 year old. It just shows that it pays to keep it tight.

I'm not entirely sure why her crotch is glowing but I do know that if there were more Pokemon in beautiful women's underpants I might actually download that stupid game...maybe. 


Photo Credit: Splash