‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Launch Trailer Brings Drama, Snow and Festive Fisticuffs (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 25, 2013

How does Bruce Wayne spend his Christmases? He needs to take some time off from his strenuous schedule of millionaire playboy-ing, after all. Maybe the criminal crazies of Gotham are left to their own devices for a day or two while Batman cruises about Wayne Manor in his underpants, waking at 2pm to watch utterly craptacular daytime TV (if his days off are anything like ours).

Or, if all we've seen of Batman: Arkham Origins thus far is anything to go by, maybe he doesn't. In the Bat-verse, Christmas isn't a time for goodwill, peace to all men and returning ill-advised gifts from elderly relatives who can't see very well. It's just as much a shitstorm for our favorite vigilante as any other time of year.

Origins, as we know, is the assassin-laden tale of how the Caped Crusader came to be; a prequel in the really-quite-awesome Arkham series. For one last refresher ahead of tomorrow's release, check out the launch trailer above.

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