Bar Refaeli Bikini Picture Candids Mean Six More Weeks of Summer

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bill-swift - August 12, 2010

Shaye Pasquale, my inherited angst counselor says that in a former life I was a piece of plankton drifting aimlessly in the ocean current. That kind of sucks because most people seem to be famous generals or land barons in their past lives, though this would explain my fascination with hot girls and snorkeling. Imagine being a plankton floating through the Mediterranean when super hot Bar Refaeli in a pink bikini plops into your world. Nice. Even a simple-celled organism knows that Bar Refaeli is the world's sexiest beard. That butt, those boobs. As I drift along with the oceanic tides, awaiting my end in the gaping maw of a baleen whale, I have a smile on my little plankton face as I recall my brief encounter with Bar.

Photo credit: INF Photo