Bane Before and After: Listen to the Voice Comparison

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bill-swift - August 1, 2012

Late last year, Christopher Nolan was kind enough to include the IMAX Bane prologue of The Dark Knight Rises to screen before Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. Consensus was that the footage kicked major ass and that Bane's voice sounded likewise.

Everyone seemed to agree that you could hardly understand a word coming out of Darth Vader's Tom Hardy's breathing apparatus. Finding it horribly distracting and incomprehensible. Nolan however, saw nothing wrong with the dub and through Warner Bros. told fans he wouldn't be reworking it.  But now a crafty video (watch below) has been released that showcases the before and after versions of Bane's prologue dialogue from the IMAX pre-release to the actual movie footage. And you know, I think Chris Nolan lied to me.