Backwards Baseball Hat Enthusiast Kevin Smith Gets Weepy Over His Visit to ‘Star Wars Episode IX’ Set (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - December 6, 2018

You've got to hand it to Kevin Smith. Following his recent health scare, he's taken great strides to lose weight and take better care of himself. He's still not above wearing a backwards baseball hat to the set of Good Morning America, though, as he recently did to dish on his time spent on the set of Star Wars Episode IX.

You may remember Smith's story about visiting the Episode VII set a few years back, and he was brought to tears once again, this time by a performance from a Star Wars veteran...

“Number one, J.J.’s doing the Lord’s work, man. This movie looks fantastic. It’s a year away, but man it looks fantastic. I wept on set because I saw somebody give a career-best performance. Somebody I’ve seen in these movies before. I rolled a tear, it was so darn powerful. Biggest set I’ve ever seen in my life. The dude’s not directing a movie, it’s like he’s directing a small country. The thing is so massive.” via Slashfilm

Let the speculation begin over whom he's talking about, but my money's on either Mark Hamill or Billy Dee Williams. I'm sure everyone else has a completely different theory though. Share yours in the comments section below.