Ava Lange Bikini Booty Cheeks In Malibu

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bill-swift - November 20, 2015

I could get into this hot bikini models in daisy dukes thing going on. I mean that literally and figuratively. Ava Lange is the latest and greatest surfside sextastic sweetheart to dip into the bag of fine female form tricks to pimp some water and make men remember why their ancestors used to crash their ships into the shore at the alluring sound of the Siren's call.

Ava goes into full pimping and promotional mode by way of her unbuttoned shorts and one meaningful set of funbags she barely covers with her hand while pretending her chalice is filled with more than just overpriced water only a sucker would buy. Speaking of suckers, oh, to be the fortunate octopi that latches onto the fun parts of Ava Lange, all curves in all the right places. The fact she manages to keep a smile in that freezing cold Pacific water just means she's a gamer. I love a gamer. And I have some very specific games in mind. Ava, call me. I'm under the name Desperate and Horny in the phonebook as always. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet