Asstacular! Are These the Greatest Gaming Glutes in the Cosmos? (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 29, 2013

We're sure you'll all concur, gentlemen, that Monday mornings suck monkey nuts. Even beardy philanthropist Bob Geldof knows this, as the much-vaunted song he penned, I Don't Like Mondays, attests (Prospective titles that were eventually rejected included Bollocks to Mondays and Screw It, I'm Going to Call in Sick, Pretend I've Got Hemorrhoids Again. Would he have been knighted by Britain's beloved Queen Lizzie for that? He would not.)

Let's alleviate the tedium of this craptacular day, then, with an amusing-yet-arousing optical illusion. Allegedly, there's a television in the above video, but we're damned if we can see it. We'll wager our wangs that you won't, either. Test your powers of observation against the fine form of ‘Tahiticora,' who -purportedly- is indulging in Colin McRae Dirt 2.

Still, the copious quantities of dirt (sweet dirty, dirty dirtiness) are plain to see, and what more could our gonads ask for?