Ashley Tisdale Sexy Black Bra

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aldo-vallon - September 1, 2017

 I always wonder what clothing companies are going for when they place their name upon the clothing. Am I supposed to be curious enough that it will cause me to google what their mysterious name means? If that is the case then out of stubbornness I refuse to google anything. I am satisfied with my assumption that Rise Nation refers to all the men that Ashley Tisdale has caused to rise in their genital region. It seems like as good an explanation as any to me, and at this point I feel like the real explanation would just be a letdown. I often find that the truth has a way of almost always being a letdown. Like when I meet a woman and choose to believe she is interested in me. Of course the truth is that she forgot who I was almost immediately after I left, but the delusion is much more entertaining. Or like how the assassination of John F. Kennedy captured the imagination of millions, each choosing their own explanation for that day's events. Of course, now we all know the real reason he died was that he tried holding in a sneeze.  


Photo Credit: Backgrid