Ashley Smith Has Valentine’s Lingerie Nailed for Love and Lemons

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bill-swift - February 1, 2017

Ashley Smith is my dream. It's the gap tooth, yes, for sure, but that body on this Sports Illustrated swimsuit model all dolled up in lingerie pimping Valentine's. Oh, my. For a moment there I almost imagined Valentine's wasn't truly on of the most perilous days of the year to be a man.

Posing for Love and Lemons, Ashley Smith could sell ice to an eskimo. I'm certain that's not politically correct to say anymore, but so damn true. Her hot body in both white and red, wrapped barely in mesh, a few damn pasties keeping us from truly attaining Nirvana. Ashley Smith, will you be my Valentine's? Don't answer now. Wait until you see the drugstore assorted chocolates I got you. Well, I ate half. I was hungry thinking about you. Just damn. So hot. Enjoy.

Photo credit: ForLoveandLemons