Ashley Benson Cleavage at Paris Fashion Week

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elliot-wolf - October 3, 2018

I hope that Paris Fashion Week is extended and becomes Paris Fashion Month just because Ashley Benson is there. Her appearance alone in such a stunning outfit would lead me to believe that she’s going to win fashion week. If that’s how the event happens to work. I’m not really sure because I’ve never actually been to one. I’m more of a can of tuna kind of guy than a jar of caviar kind of guy so fancy events like fashion week isn’t exactly my forte. I like to look though. So I may rent a tuxedo one day just to get a better look than pictures can provide.

Hopefully the next fashion week is a little closer to home. I don’t speak a lick of French and the last thing I want to do is spend a week looking for Ashley and never find her. I don’t even know the word for BBQ brisket sandwich in their language either so I’d probably be on the brink of starvation ore my return flight home. That’s too much stress. But I will commit to the next fashion week that won’t put me at risk of getting lost or starving.

Photo Credit: Backgrid