Ashlee Simpson and Her New Nose

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bill-swift - May 8, 2006

Last week we caught the first blurry glimpses of Ashlee Simpson after her nose job, but you couldn't really see too much in those. Well, here are a ton of new pictures of Ashlee at the SunFest concert in Florida from this Saturday, and I must say, those docs did a great job.

Ashlee Simpson's new nose looks great, and makes her look way hotter than she did before. Now just a little work on that chin, maybe, and you won't be able to say a bad word about her. Well, about how she looks anyway. That voice could still use a bit of a tune up. Of course, she'll never need a boob job, that's for sure. She may have gotten a nose job, but that's really not where I'm looking.

Over 60 more pictures of Ashlee Simpson looking sexy after the jump.


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