Ariel Winter Unbelievable Twerktastic

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earl-jonas - August 10, 2017


If you're thinking: "Is this guy really writing about Ariel Winter again?" just know that the answer is: "Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes." Winter has been jockeying for the coveted position of my number one imaginary personal time friend, and she just elbowed her way past her closest competition, Selena Gomez, with this insane twerking video.

Today Winter's Snapchat followers we treated to a random living room twerk sesh, in which her marvelous melons and trunk full of junk can be seen doing their thing next to a lucky dog. And can I just say... woof. As if that isn't enough, Winter also continues the cleavtastic fun from the past couple of days with some car selfies. And can I just say... vroom. IDK. I'm going to run out of things to say about Winter in about three days, but until then, have at it...


Photo Credit: Snapchat