Anne Hathaway is Still the Anti-Lindsay Lohan

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bill-swift - July 25, 2007

If there's one actress who probably isn't going to be get all coked up and start chasing her personal assistant in her SUV, I'm pretty sure the easy money is on Anne Hathaway. Okay, you can add Natalie Portman, and well, 99% of the other actresses in Hollywood to that list, but I've only got pictures of Anne Hathaway right now, so let's talk about her.

Anyway, as I wrote back in November, Anne Hathaway is the Anti-Lindsay Lohan, and that is still very much true today. Among the reasons for this conclusion were Anne Hathaway's eternal poise, demure demeanor, striking beauty, and well, the list goes on. Lets also not forget that when Anne Hathaway gets naked in a movie, we actually see Anne Hathaway naked in a movie.

So, to recap: Beautiful, intelligent, graceful, and not a tease. Like I said before, the Anti-Lindsay Lohan. Here's Anne Hathaway looking as striking as ever at the premiere of her new film Becoming Jane. Lots more pictures after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash / Bauer-Griffin