Anna Heinrich’s Gorgeous Bikini Body Candids

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elliot-wolf - January 26, 2019

Anna Heinrich is the best booty to wash ashore since Blackbeard’s pirate plunder. She’s arguably more valuable too. I wouldn’t want to bury something so beautiful in the sand. I’d just show her off like the gold coin she is. I hope she wouldn’t mind me sticking my shovel in her pail. Because I want to build this sand queen a sand castle. She deserves something elaborate in her honor. I’m thinking, at the minimum, a four story castle. Maybe a balcony for a view of the ocean. And if she doesn’t want a castle, I’ll just build myself one with a view of her.

Anna may be the best looking woman in a black bikini that I’ve ever seen. And I’ve only seen one woman in a black bikini. And it’s her. So she wins best looking by default. But Heinrich is going to be hard to beat if anyone else decides to wear one. I’m not discouraging any woman from wearing one as I wouldn’t mind getting a good gander at both ladies for comparison purposes. I’m just saying she’s going to be harder to outdo than the '98 Yankees.

Photo Credit: MEGA / Backgrid USA