And the Emmy Goes to…LeBron James! (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - May 1, 2012

Maybe he has been hanging out with the soccer team over in Liverpool too much. Maybe he's been watching too many JohnStockton videos. Maybe he's been working with Terrell Owens's acting coach in preparation for life after basketball. Whatever the reason, it was one heck of an acting performance by Miami Heat star LeBron James during Game One of the their series with the New York Knicks (which the Heat won 100-67).

There is no question that Tyson Chandler fouled James on this play. Flagrant? I don't know. It does look like Chandler extended that forearm into the upper back of James a little too much. If anyone should be penalized its James for this horrible acting performance. The flop was a classic soccer move; I'll give him credit for that. However, running around holding the back of his neck when he was hit in the back? Please.

Maybe what really has James in pain is the terrible memory of Tyson Chandler and the Dallas Mavericks defeating him and the Heat in the NBA Finals last year and how he failed to perform when it mattered most. That would bother most men with his supposed considerable talents.

Article by Travis Pulver