Anastasia Kvitko Massive Cleavage and Black Bikini in Miami

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aldo-vallon - August 15, 2017

Good golly, another brave pioneer ventures out into the waves of Miami in nothing more than a tube top for protection. “Tube top” is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but here it actually looks like Anastasia actually popped a child’s inner tube when she was trying to squeeze her bosoms through it. Normally a ruined toy would bring a child to tears even on an otherwise perfect day at the beach, but I have a feeling this child was distracted by a lovely bunch of coconuts.  

How does one keep their waist so small while maintaining such pleasing curves both to the north and to the south? Here I was thinking those proportions were only possible on Jessica Rabbit, in no small part owed to her illustrators. It was not too long ago that women were having their handmaidens cinch up the backs of their corsets for them, to the brink of asphyxiation, in order to get somewhat closer to the hourglass shape that Anastasia Kvitko is rocking so effortlessly. How often do women put theirs lives on the line nowadays for the sake of fashion? Has anyone had one of those ridiculous scarves sucked into a paper shredder yet? It is only a matter of time I guess.  

Photo Credit: Splash News