Ana Braga Celebrates Christmas

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Lex Jurgen - December 21, 2016

Holidays are a great time to dress festively and take in all the richness of the season. Who doesn't want to take a turn at wardrobing in the manner of Santa, or his reindeer, or that chick who milked his prostate for a Buffalo nickel at the truck stop in Pueblo. 

Every struggling model and waiting to be casted future reality show cast member can turn any holiday into a chance to look cheap and available. Those are two of the three things many men look for in a woman so it's not entirely off the mark. The connection between Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ in a manger has long since been twisted and severed. Even former religious holidays are now fair game for Tijuana donkey show type photo montages. Wise men have changed in discernment from two thousand years ago. Spray Frankincense until it overwhelms the smell of desperation. Consider bulk buying. And, as always, blame the Internet.

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