Amy Adams Wins The Cleavage Contest At The ‘Vice’ Red Carpet Premiere

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brian-mcgee - December 12, 2018

We all know that Amy Adams has some of the best cleavage in Hollywood. There's an entire documentary film devoted to proving this concept titled American Hustle and you should see it sometime if you want to see primo Amy Adams cleavage. Amy wore a very American Hustle inspired red dress to the premiere of Vice, and it was a show stopper once again!

While Amy is starring in the film, there was a wide assortment of hot women on the red carpet not associated with the film, but very happy to get to see it two weeks before the rest of us—lucky so-and-so's. Kicking things off is Blanca Blanco, who looks thrilled to be seeing the movie I most want to see this year two weeks before I get to see it.

Redhead cutie Alison Pill was also there, though she's in the movie playing Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter. Kuoth Wiel was also in attendance, and she was looking gorgeous in gold, showing off an appropriate amount of cleavage for the occasion. Closing things out are Lily Rabe, who's also in the movie, and Danielle Vasinova, on whom I'm told you may "blame it."

So yeah, I'm angry that these ladies got to see the movie before I did, but I'm thrilled that they're all hot. Makes everything go down just a little smoother.

Photo Credit: Splash News