Amanda Cerny’s Faptastic Bikini Candids Will Make You Melt

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elliot-wolf - July 3, 2018

Amanda Cerny certainly has my attention in a red bikini. But i know it’s definitely one of those take a number and get in line deals because whose attention doesn’t she have when she looks that great.  Lucky for her I’d wait all of eternity for a chance to be next to her. She’s about as fine as they come. I know they say sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand but the only side of that line I want to stand on is the same side that has Amanda on it.

It’s women like Amanda that make me wish that I had a magic lamp. Her curves are so wicked they look like they were crafted by wizardry. And I’d need to use one whole wish just to get within 10 feet of a woman like that. I’d use my next two wishes to go on a first and second date with her because just one wouldn’t be enough. Unfortunately there’s no magic genie coming from a magic lamp so I’ll just have to ask around at the beaches if anyone has seen perfection in a red bikini. I know my chances of a yes are slim but it’s worth a shot.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA