Amal Clooney In A Sextastic Lacy Red Corset

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aldo-vallon - April 18, 2018

If you do not already know, you are either completely right, or entirely wrong in your assumption as to who Amal Clooney is.

No, she is not the twenty year old daughter of George Clooney.

That should sift out about half of you. The other half should feel relief at discovering this is the woman ol’ George chose to marry. Not only because they get the satisfaction of being right, but because they are able to receive the peace of mind that he is off the market and is unlikely to steal their girl.

I am not old enough to remember when the corset made its way back into polite society as an acceptable piece of attire, but I would gladly waste a trip in a time machine to go back to that period. That moment should rank among the introduction of the bikini and stilettos into our culture, and yet it goes largely unrecognized.

There are many people that can be blamed for trying whitewash our fashion, not the least of which are the Amish, but I think we should turn the other cheek. We not only prove that we are better than the naysayers, but we also get to force them to face their failure every time the weather is nice enough.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Pacific Coast News / Twitter / Instagram