Along With Unfulfilling Series Finales, Sometimes TV Writers Also Insert Hidden Easter Eggs.

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bill-swift - March 6, 2013

Writing for a television series can get boring. Which is why you'll occasionally get a strange story line every now and again or a standalone episode that doesn't fit in with the rest of the series. And sometimes, we'll be blessed with an easter egg. What's an easter egg? Well, I'll tell ya, my inquisitive fun friend. An easter egg is basically like a hidden joke or a nod or reference to something else in pop culture (like a movie, character, artist or show).

Now the art of the easter egg is just as important as the easter egg itself. Subtlety is key. Too obvious and it's not an easter egg, at all. But too secretive and it might just get lost into the archives forever, like a joke you decided to keep to yourself, which, as we all know, is useless.

So without any further delay, here are some of our Favorite TV Show Easter Eggs:

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