Alicia Vikander Shows Off Her Figure At The ‘Tomb Raider’ Red Carpet

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elliot-wolf - March 9, 2018

Goodness gracious Alicia Vikander is a sight to see. I get mixed emotions thinking about her. I’m excited, but also anxious. I’m in a rush to see Tomb Raider because I love action movies but I’m not sure if I can pay attention to a plot when someone like Alicia is kicking bad guy butt in seductive outdoor outfits. I may need to see this movie a few times in order to focus. I hope the director does the right thing and hands Vikander the original vintage outfit Lara Croft is known for wearing. A teal sleeveless top and cargo shorts wouldn’t look more attractive on any other woman. Add sweat from a long hard day of saving the world and you have the formula for my dream girl.

Alicia looks exceptional in the dress she’s wearing now. It’s far from a Tomb Raider feel but it works. It’s very imperial. Almost like she’s going to go conquer a nation after enjoying the premiere of her own movie. But when a woman looks that good it’s hard for anyone to put up a fight. Entire empire or man. I know I wouldn’t. I surrender all of the love I have left. She’s already conquered my heart and needs to come claim her spoils.

Photo Credit: Splash News