Alicia Vikander Sexy Cleavage at the 65th San Sebastian Film Festival

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aldo-vallon - September 26, 2017

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 Alicia Vikander has some large cups to fill considering who she is replacing as Tomb Raider. Call me a skeptic but I think I will wait until I see her body in those short shorts on the big screen before I make any judgments. Whoever came up with that costume was definitely going for fashion over function. I cannot imagine any real raiders of tombs doing so in such skimpy attire. The bugs alone would be enough to make Lara Croft turn in her pistols for a desk job selling office supplies. Anyone who has had a mosquito bite on the center of their back can understand it would not be much of a sacrifice and that is not even the worst case scenario for a bug bite placement.

I have never understood how exactly one gets into the line of work of stealing ancient artifacts. I once found a rock that I thought was shaped like Abraham Lincoln's head and i thought it would be worth a fortune. The antiques dealer that I brought it to told me it was worth as much as a painting to Helen Keller, which, as it turns out, would not be very much.


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