Alicia Silverstone (Yes, Alicia Silverstone) Looking Mighty Fine With a Bullett

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bill-swift - September 5, 2012

Wow, it's been five years almost to the day since we last saw Alicia Silverstone in Hottieville, when she posed pretend nekkid for PETA and made the whole world stop eating meat. Well, at least made five more anorexic actresses in Hollywood give up their once a month nibble of chicken.

In that time Alicia kind of retreated from the spotlight, got hitched, knocked out a pup, and gave lots of lectures on the value of a legume-only diet; we never really expected to have Alicia grace these not so hallowed halls. But, here she is, looking might fine, a bit with the post-prod touching, but, nonetheless, mighty showy for her and fine for the Fall edition of Bullett magazine.

Now, we may never see the Clueless Alicia again. But seeing her at all again, it's kind of a magical midweek surprise. Enjoy.