Alexis Ren Smoking Hot Bikini Body for Beach Bunny

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bill-swift - April 18, 2017

Alexis Ren may have an unholy body, but for some reason, every time I see her, the first word out of my mouth is, 'Holy...". The lean and lovely model has become the go-to choice for swimwear lines looking to step outside the mainstream model route and go right to the people with a ridiculously sextastic bodied hottie in a tiny swimsuit. This is called an aspirational shoot. As in, female consumers aspire to be Alexis Ren and I aspire to clean her feet in the evenings with my Waterpik while begging her to wiggle her toes more while I gently sob.

The digital revolution will be known for many advances in the economy, politics, and social fabric of our world. The most important to me by far is the manner in which its disrupted the modeling gatekeepers or yore. We're working toward a truly egalitarian means of selecting our loveliest of ladies to worship by way of visual wonderment. Not that the magazines did a horrible job, but now the floodgates are wide open to public voting. Vox populi equals ten times more skin. I couldn't be happier. Thank you, Al Gore. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Beach Bunny Swimwear