Alessandra Ambrosio Toned Abs and Cameltoe Shopping in Brentwood

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aldo-vallon - October 17, 2017

 It is nice to see I am not the only one who feels comfortable wearing their workout gear while they are out and about. For some reason I always am given dirty looks when I do it. That probably has something to do with my workout gear making me look like I am auditioning for a role as a backup on a 90's era Jazzercise VHS. I have a weakness for bright colors and spandex, so sue me. Or maybe it has do with the faint smell of body odor that follows me around after a workout. But what choice do I have? It is not like I can shop before I workout because then my ice cream would melt. And there is no way I am showering in my gyms locker room. If I did that I would wind up with the first known case of jungle foot since the Vietnam War. So until I can think of a better solution to this predicament I will be forced to make strangers uncomfortable at the supermarket, which is no big deal, I have made my parents uncomfortable my entire life.


Photo Credit: Splash News