Adriana Lima Amazing Cleavage Goddess

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bill-swift - July 9, 2015

Adriana Lima isn't just good looking. She's extremely good looking. There really has to be a differentiation so that the elite hotties can be recognized above and beyond just the hot women I'd sink my life savings into dating for just one evening. I don't know how to define it exactly, but Adriana Lima is in the group. So are many of her V.S. and supermodel colleagues. But this Brazilian beauty really deserves her own little wing. Like they have for the elite players at Cooperstown.

Featured in this month's Vogue Mexico, decidedly for women to peruse fashions and styles, Adriana's allure is transcendent. It's like when you first heard the Beatles and new something magical was happening. If you love the Beatles. Meh, I'm not all in on that. So let's say the first time I heard the Back in Black album. Only this involves a passion inducing woman, so even one level higher than AC/DC. Not that I thought that was possible as a young child. Adriana, you really need your own magazine. Also, less clothes. The hooters I wouldn't change a bit. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue Mexico